Marine Firefighting Commission


Puget Sound Marine Firefighting Commission

Puget Sound Marine Firefighting Commission was established to link local marine interests in the state of Washington in a single forum and to act collectively on behalf of those interests to include the following functions:

  • Provide a proactive forum to identify and implement actions that efficiently leverage existing private and public resources to enhance the regional marine firefighting capability;
  • Act as an education and resource network through which ideas, materials, and procedures can be provided to marine firefighting stakeholders;    
  • Provide a forum that seeks to improve understanding and measurement of marine firefighting risks and the capabilities needed to appropriately mitigate those risks; and    
  • Seek grants and other opportunities to address regional capability needs in concert with all applicable international and federal regulatory regimes to include such things as training, planning and other similar activities.

No activities of the Commission shall usurp federal, state or local authorities or jurisdictions.

Members of the Commission shall be organizations which represent a definable segment of the community with an interest in marine operations and/or marine firefighting. Member organizations general have a designated primary and alternate representative.

Advisors are also sought from those members of the community of local, state, federal and international governmental agencies that have an interest in marine operations and/or marine firefighting and who are constrained from full voting membership.

The Commission is incorporated in the state of Washington and has a Board of Directors consisting of no less than five members.


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