Puget Sound Harbor Safety Committee


Puget Sound Harbor Safety Committee

Although there have been several different stakeholder forums to precede it, the Puget Sound Harbor Safety Committee (PSHSC) was created in 1997 by stakeholders with an interest in promoting safety and the protection of Puget Sound.  It was formally incorporated as a non-profit organization on December 13, 2000.

Puget Sound is a large body of water in the state of Washington.  It is a complex estuarinesystem of interconnected marine waterways and basins connected to the Pacific Ocean through the Strait of Juan de Fuca.  Puget Sound extends approximately 100 miles from the north where it meets the Strait of Juan de Fuca at Admiralty Inlet to Olympia, Washington in the south.  However, the term "Puget Sound" is used not just for the body of water but also the general region centered on the sound.  The PSHSC addresses its attention to the general region, to include all the navigable waters of Northwest Washington.  For more geographic information about the region, go to the Geographic Area Tab.

The mission of the PSHSC is to provide a proactive forum for identifying, assessing, planning, communicating, and implementing those operational and environmental measures, beyond that which is in laws or regulations, that promote safe, secure, and efficient use of Puget Sound and adjacent waters.  The committee is made up of delegates appointed by broadly based organizations representing a span of interests focused on Puget Sound.  Additionally, various governmental agencies formally support the work of PSHSC in advisory roles.

As such, PSHSC takes responsibility for capturing existing standards and protocols as well as developing new standards and protocols that address those environmental and operational elements of maritime operations that are somewhat unique and especially significant to Puget Sound.  The standards and protocols contained in the Puget Sound Harbor Safety Plan complement and supplement existing federal, state and local laws and regulations with advice to mariners regarding unique conditions and requirements that may be encountered in Puget Sound and adjacent waters.  These standards and protocols are not intended to supplant or otherwise conflict with the laws or regulations; nor are they intended to replace the good judgment of a ship's master in the safe operation of his/her vessel.

PSHSC meets every other month starting with the annual meeting in February.  All meetings are open to the public.


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