Join the Marine Exchange

The Marine Exchange of Puget Sound is a non-profit membership association. A Board of Directors elected from member companies represents the interests of the Marine Exchange membership.

General Membership

General Members are those companies with the ability to influence the movement of commercial maritime vessels. As a general member, your company will have access to the entire range of Marine Exchange services. General membership also allows a company to cast three votes for ballot issues and other corporate affairs.

General members agree to enroll the vessels, if any, for which they are responsible, in the Marine Exchange vessel-monitoring program.

Associate Membership

Associate members are those companies which provide support services to the region’s maritime industry or are otherwise interested in maritime operations.

In the execution of its duties, the Marine Exchange of Puget Sound acts as a communications conduit and will not act in any way to perform the duties associated with vessel husbanding. Specifically, the Marine Exchange will not act in any way to affect the relationship between principal and a service provider. Marine Exchange performance in no way replaces the responsibility of the agency or company responsible for vessel movement and accepts no responsibility for its actions.


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