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The Vessel Status Reports (aka Daily Paper) is the online version of our daily faxed report. This regularly updated report provides information on vessel activities over the course of the day, as well as activities for the previous day and projected vessel arrivals.

Members of the Marine Exchange of Puget Sound who subscribe to the Vessel Status Reports may arrange to receive by fax, by email or through this website.

In order to subscribe to this service, a Marine Exchange of Puget Sound membership is required. Our tariff sheet can be found here and application for membership can be found here.

If you have questions concerning joining the Marine Exchange or subscribing to our Vessel Status Reports please contact Neil at 206-443-3830 or via email.


Puget Sound AIS data supplied by Marine Exchange


A web-based & feature-rich AIS solution

Please contact Neil at 206-443-3830 or via email to subscribe to this service.


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