Shipping 101 Reviews, May 2016

1)  What did you expect to get from this training? "To learn more about the business of shipping." Did the training class meet your expectations? "Yes."

2)  About the trainer -- "Very knowledgeable! Answered myriad questions to help me understand.  Was very knowledgeable about longshoreman." "Yes. Exceeded expectations."  "Yes. The trainer was extremely knowledgeable." "Anita was knowledgeable and very thorough.  She was clear and answered questions in a clear way."

3)  Why did you take the training class?  "To gain a better and more complete understanding of cargo shipping, logistics, import/export, etc."  Did the training class meet your expectations?  "Yes."

4)  Do you think the experience will assist you any in your job area?  "Definitely."

5)  Would you recommend taking this class to anyone else?  All did.  "Yes definitely.  Anyone new to or interested importing/exporting or transportation would benefit from this course."

6)  What did you expect to get out of this training experience?  "Use of terms, definitions, general understanding on legal and practical concepts."  Did the training class meet your expectations? "It did indeed."