Shipping 101 Reviews, May 2015

Quotes from Class of July 20-24, 2015

1)  “Yes!  It's a lot of information, but I think it was facilitated in bite sized pieces.  I picked up a lot even though I came in knowing quite a bit."

2)  Regarding recommending course "Yes, I actually did it already..."

3)  Regarding the trainer "Yes, the trainer was aware of how the class was comprehending the material and adjusted pace of instruction accordingly."

4)  Regarding the trainer "Absolutely, the trainer was excellent and had enthusiasm about the subject.  The additional handouts ... were helpful."

5)  "Yes, anyone looking to broaden their knowledge of the shipping industry would greatly benefit from this course."

6) "Exceeded my expectations.  It was basic enough to help those students entirely new to the material but also interesting enough and included enough material to be beneficial to those experienced in maritime."