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Vessel Tracking

Our vessel tracking service is the backbone of our organization, monitoring over 7,000 movements a year.

The Marine Exchange of Puget Sound provides a cost-effective real-time vessel tracking system using shore-based receivers to collect Automatic Identification System (AIS) data from vessels in the region.

The Marine Exchange begins tracking and monitoring vessel movements around 15 days before arrival in Puget Sound or Grays Harbor and collects information on 64 different data fields every six seconds. This data can be viewed and filtered by members on a map of the region using their Puget Sound AIS login, and this data is used to create the reports and displays below which are disseminated to our members daily, weekly, monthly and annually. Marine Exchange data has also been used in various programs including Quiet Sound’s 2022 Voluntary Trial Slowdown and the Washington Department of Ecology Vessel Entries and Transits Reports.

If you have ideas or questions about how the data we collect could be of use to your organization, please feel free to contact us.

Quick Links

Some of the pages below are currently under maintenance. For updated vessel information please call 206-443-3830.

Status Reports

Daily Paper

The Vessel Status Reports (or Daily Paper) is the online version of our daily faxed report. This regularly updated report provides information on vessel activities such as arrivals, departures and vessels in port over the course of the current and previous day. 

Bunker Report

Our monthly Bunker Report includes vessel information, arrival information, amount, type and supplier of bunkers.

Monthly Status Report

Our Monthly Status Report includes a summary of vessel arrivals by port, berth, flag, vessel type and agent. It also includes information on last and next ports of call and a daily count by vessel type.

Special Reports

20% Off For Members

Our special reports are fully customizable based on your specific needs with access to over three decades of historical data. Sort and organize information based on a range of data fields including vessel type, agent, arrival dates and more. 

Lobby View

Display real-time, AIS vessel tracking information through a personalized slideshow experience.

Whether you’re looking to showcase general vessel movement activity in your area, provide live updates on your fleet’s location in Puget Sound, or offer an immersive maritime experience to your visitors, Lobby View provides a unique solution.

Customize a slideshow to perfectly align with your business needs, whether it’s at your office or during special events. Highlight your company, promote your services, or monetize ad space for additional revenue. With Lobby View, you can easily display your tailored slideshow anywhere with an internet connection and display.

Contact Us to learn more and get started with your personalized Lobby View experience.

Puget Sound AIS data supplied by Marine Exchange

The Exchange has implemented its own Automated Identification System (AIS ) network in the PNW covering all of the Salish Sea from just north of Vancouver, BC to and including the Columbia River and off the Washington Coast. The Exchange provides online access to this information via subscription to its maritime community members and to government agencies.

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