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The Marine Exchange of Puget sound was originally founded in 1980 to provide comprehensive communications and information services to our membership 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Forty-three years later, we are still providing these services through vessel tracking technology and comprehensive reports but have also improved upon them and found other ways to provide for our community.

Currently, the Marine Exchange not-only monitors over 7,000 movements a year, but we also provide day-to-day support services ranging from after-hours phone answering to full scale financial management. These services look different for everyone we work with, but our hope is to provide members with all the tools and information we can to help them achieve their maritime goals.

If you are seeking help for your organization or have ideas regarding data that we may be able to provide, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Some of the services we are most excited about are the ones we haven’t even considered yet.

Our Services Vessel Tracking

Vessel Tracking

Maintaining seven AIS data towers, we collect data on 64 different fields every minute. We use this information to track vessels of all types through arrivals, departures, anchor-to-birth shifts, port-to-port movement, and more.


For maritime industry organizations without administrative staff, or those needing more help, the Exchange provides services including invoicing, accounting, meeting coordination, membership list maintenance and more.
Our Services Support
Our Services Emergency Response System & Towing Vessel

Emergency Response System & Towing Vessel

The Marine Exchange manages the contract for the maritime industries Emergency Response Towing Vessel (ERTV) stationed year-round in Neah Bay. This towing vessel helps to protect shorelines and waterways in the case of an emergency response by assisting completely disabled ships or those with reduced maneuvering ability.


The Marie Exchange manages and operates the West Seattle mooring buoys on behalf of BUOYS-R-US. This management includes taking reservations, maintaining buoys, and billing for the use of the buoy system, primarily used by the tug and barge industry.
Our Services Buoys-R-Us

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