The Marine Exchange monitors the arrival of commercial vessels to U.S. ports in Puget Sound and Grays Harbor.  The Exchange provides projected arrival and actual arrival and departure information on these vessels with our standard report or we can also provide special reports.  The Exchange also handles oil spill notifications and is the official communications clearinghouse for the Washington State Maritime Cooperative, an emergency oil spill response organization serving Puget Sound and Grays Harbor.

Member subscribers have access to comprehensive historical data reflecting deep-draft oceangoing vessel movements. Compiled data offers insights into growth trends and also assists companies with market analysis and long-range planning.

Members may also subscribe to answering services, either to cover the typical after hours, weekends and holidays or may seek additional services to cover other times.

Service Fees Schedule

Effective 5-1-2019

The Marine Exchange also provides administrative services to the Washington State Maritime Cooperative, NW staff of the Pacific Merchant Ship Association, Puget Sound Harbor Safety Committee, Emergency Response Towing Vessel (ERTV) Compliance Group, Seattle Chapter of the Propeller Club, Puget Sound Marine Firefighting Commission, Seattle Marine Business Coalition, Washington Maritime federation and the Area Maritime Security Committee.

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