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Welcome to the Marine Exchange of Puget Sound

Your mom asked us to track you. 

Just kidding, but we do take vessel tracking seriously. We’ve been keeping a close eye on the maritime world since 1980 collecting, distilling and distributing real-time operational data to support the maritime community. Our talented staff, along with the experienced board of directors, work day and night to provide essential services to our members, helping them achieve their maritime goals.

Picture this: you’re racing to Ketchikan, yay! You’re finally getting out of the house to defeat the insane challenge that is Race to Alaska. That’s great. Until you end up in a shipping lane. Because guess what? None of the commercial traffic cares! But don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

We track over 7,000 vessel movements a year because we believe in the power of data. Our shore-based receivers collect Automatic Identification System (AIS) data from vessels in the region, providing a cost-effective, real-time vessel tracking system. A.k.a. keeping you away from the ships while also aiding them in their daily operations. We operate 24/7 to collect this super cool data on over 60 different fields… okay, well at least we think it’s super cool.

And hey, our data isn’t just for show. It has been used in some cool programs, including Quiet Sound’s 2022 Voluntary Trial Slowdown and the Washington Department of Ecology Vessel Entries and Transits Reports and more.

Extra bonus: We also handle crappy admin work so you don’t have to! Giving you more time to, I don’t know, Race to Alaska or whatnot. Really though, as a non-profit, we are able to offer everything from phone answering services to full-scale financial management for maritime organizations at a great price. We’re all about making your life easier.

So with that, happy racing racers! Make sure to use our AIS feed below to not get hit by a vessel bigger than you on your adventure. And for everyone else, enjoy obsessively, I mean *totally normally* tracking them on their journey.

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