Passing The Torch To A New Generation Of Welders


Welding torches have sizzled at the Vigor Industrial shipyard on Seattle’s Harbor Island for a century. But the men and women behind the welding masks in this particular warehouse have only been at it for two weeks. The demand for skilled welders is so high that the shipyard and the state are now paying to teach the skill to displaced workers.

Vigor Set to Expand With Another Alaskan Shipyard

Vigor Industrial, already a regional shipbuilding and repair powerhouse, is in negotiations to expand its business in the Pacific Northwest, with the acquisition of Seward Ship's Drydock, Seward, Alaska. Vigor reports that the owner of Seward Ship’s Drydock has signed a letter of intent to sell the assets of the Seward, Alaska, shipyard company to Vigor Industrial. The two companies are currently negotiating the terms of the potential sale and expect the sale to be finalized after satisfactory completion of environmental, financial and business due diligence and after Seward Ship’s Drydock, Vigor and the City of Seward reach a final agreement on certain details of the agreement.