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About Us

Founded in 1980, the Marine Exchange of Puget Sound works to strengthen the maritime transportation community by collecting, distilling & distributing vessel tracking data in real-time while providing various administrative services to members, further helping them achieve their maritime goals.

The Marine Exchange is governed by an experienced board of directors and run by talented staff, all constantly working to better provide for the essential maritime community. Operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the Exchange is uniquely positioned to promote and aid in safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible operations.

About Us

Marine Exchange Membership

Membership consists of Puget Sound-based steamship agents & operators, ship chandlers, port authorities, tugboat operators, and state & federal agencies, alongside several maritime industry support businesses. Members are able to receive access to a vast range of Marine Exchange services and also benefit indirectly from services it provides to the maritime community, including representation through our director on the various local initiatives, committees and councils below.

  • Co-Chair of the Quiet Sound Vessel Operations & Incentives Workgroup and member of the Quiet Sound Leadership Committee

The Marine Exchange of Puget Sound is also a founding member of the Maritime Information Services of North America (MISNA), helping represent North America’s diverse maritime community through valuable maritime information. 

About Marine Exchange Membership

Our Services

Our vessel monitoring service remains the backbone of our organization monitoring over 7,000 movements a year, but we also provide day-to-day support services ranging from after-hours phone answering to full-scale financial management.

Vessel Tracking

Maintaining seven AIS data towers, we collect data on 64 different fields every minute. We use this information to track vessels of all types through arrivals, departures, anchor-to-birth shifts, port-to-port movement, and more.


For maritime industry organizations without administrative staff, or those needing more help, the Exchange provides services including invoicing, accounting, meeting coordination, membership list maintenance and more.

Emergency Response System & Towing Vessel

The Marine Exchange manages the contract for the maritime industries Emergency Response Towing Vessel (ERTV) stationed year-round in Neah Bay. This towing vessel helps to protect shorelines and waterways in the case of an emergency response by assisting completely disabled ships or those with reduced maneuvering ability.


The Marine Exchange manages and operates the West Seattle mooring buoys on behalf of BUOYS-R-US. This management includes taking reservations, maintaining buoys, and billing for the use of the buoy system, primarily used by the tug and barge industry.

Recent E-Books

The Pacific Northwest Ports Handbook

The Pacific Northwest Ports Handbook 2023

A guide highlighting many people and organizations driving the region with features of just a few services impacting the greater Seattle area daily. 

The Greater Seattle Seaport and Airport Resources Guide

Washington Maritime Economic Impact Study 2022

The newest impact study highlighting a variety of industry sectors, their critical roles, and how they impact Washington’s economy. 

Marine Exchange of Puget Sound

U.S. Coast Guard Ports & Waterways Safety Assessment

The published report from the U.S Coast Guard Ports and Waterways Safety Assessment of 2017.

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